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Call for AMA Board Nominations

Members are invited to submit names of candidates for the Alberta Museums Association (AMA) Board of Directors for the 2018 - 2021 term.

All nominees must be Individual Voting Members of the AMA and review and complete the documents below. Following the close of nominations, the AMA Board will prepare a slate of qualified candidates from the nominations received and solicited. In the event that there are more candidates than positions to be filled, an election, by secret ballot, will be held at the Annual General Meeting in Canmore, Alberta on September 22, 2018.

Deadline for nomination is July 9, 2018.




Please note that the AMA does not accept nominations from the floor at the Annual General Meeting. This is because the responsibility to select candidates best suited to lead the AMA requires thoughtful planning and attention to skills and areas of expertise currently required by the Board, and nominations from the floor do not give nominated candidates a fair chance to have their names placed before the membership.


For more information, please contact Meaghan Patterson, Executive Director / CEO, at or 780.424.2626 x 231.


Current Board of Directors 


Timothy McShane, President

Chris Matthews, Vice President

Breanna Suk, Secretary / Treasurer

Karen Aberle, Director

Hannah Chipman, Director

Michele Hardy, Director

Monica Roberts, Director

Edward van Vliet, Director

Rosalie Lammle, Past President


If you have any questions for the Board, email


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