Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership (Voting)

Institutional Members of the Alberta Museums Association (AMA) are part of a network of over 200 museums and countless professionals who are leaders in their fields. Institutional Membership comes with a variety of exclusive benefits.


  • Admission to the Recognized Museum Program is reserved for Institutional Members of the AMA.
  • This designation unlocks a number of promotional benefits with the AMA and can be used to leverage support for within your community.


Investing in Museums

  • Membership is the first step in gaining access to the AMA's Grants Program, which provides funds for core museum activities. (Up to $49,000 per year.)
  • Eligible Institutional Members can also apply for Professional Development Grants on behalf of their employees. (Up to $10,000 per year.)


Career Development and Networking

  • The AMA's courses, symposia, speaker series, and Annual Conference will supply you with practical skills and access to the latest innovations in museum practice - all at a discounted registration cost.
  • Access the vast knowledge base in the Alberta museum community and create strategic partnerships through AMA-organized events.


Purposeful Communications

  • The AMA's publications, website, and advisories are designed to keep you up-to-date on trends affecting the cultural sector. The AMA is dedicated to representing the concerns and interests of the Alberta museum community through strategic communication with government, stakeholders, and partners.


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