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Networking and Discussion Event: Contemporary Curating


  • This event is online


Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Join us for the AMA’s next networking and discussion event, where we will focus on contemporary curating. This interactive conversation will explore curation in the context of both the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, and as society calls for historically neglected narratives to be recognized in museums and across the cultural sector. We encourage you to review the discussion starters below: • How is your site or personal practice reflecting the COVID-19 pandemic through collecting, curation, or exhibit development? • How are you responding to the call for amplifying and including underrepresented and neglected voices, historical narratives, and material culture? • How has curation changed while working remotely or in the early re-opening phases? • What questions do you have for your peers around challenges and best practices of contemporary curation? In addition, please bring any discussion questions you may have on this topic for the group, as there will be time to raise them during the meeting. You can also email topic ideas to learning@museums.ab.ca. The meeting will take place at 11:00 a.m. Participants will receive a link shortly before the event to join the meeting via Microsoft Teams or an Internet browser. Please remember to mark your calendars after registering. This event is part of a series of virtual networking and discussion opportunities that facilitate conversations among museum workers across the province. Find more upcoming virtual meetings on the AMA homepage under “Events.”
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