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GST / HST for Charities and Non-Profit Organizations


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Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Did you know that GST / HST rules for charities are different than those for non-profit organizations (NPOs)? Do you wonder if you have missed claiming back all eligible GST / HST amounts? Would you like to learn how to avoid the most common GST / HST errors? If so, you should attend this Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) GST / HST Outreach presentation! In this presentation, you will hear directly from Michael Monk, a CRA GST / HST representative who has 30+ years experience in GST / HST programs. The presentation will focus on important GST / HST obligations and entitlements. You will learn about rebates, input tax credits and other important GST / HST topics. We will review the most important GST / HST rules and legislation to help you manage your GST / HST and maximize recoveries. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: - Recognize key GST / HST differences between charities and NPOs - Know when to charge GST or HST - Understand basic PSB Rebate rules - Apply the correct rules for claiming input tax credits - Identify and reduce common GST / HST mistakes TOPICS INCLUDE: - Definitions - Public Service Bodies (PSB) Rebate - Taxable vs. Exempt Supplies - Input Tax Credits - Capital Real Property and Capital Personal Property - GST / HST Registration and Small Supplier WHO WILL BENEFIT: This presentation is intended for both charities and NPOs. It is designed for Directors, staff and any other individuals who may be involved in the organization’s GST / HST. Even if you are not currently GST / HST registered, or you think that your entity is “too small” you should still attend. You will learn about ways to maximize your GST / HST recoveries. Finally, if you would just like a refresher or to simply hear directly from CRA that you are “doing things right”, this presentation is for you. This presentation is free for AMA Members. The presentation will run from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. MDT and will be held on Zoom.
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