Call for Certificate in Museum Studies Instructors

Note: This call has closed. 

The AMA is seeking individuals to serve as instructors for the Certificate in Museum Studies (CMS) Program. Responsibilities will include participating in the current curriculum review and digitization of CMS course offerings, as well as teaching in the program.

CMS instructors develop course content based on the AMA's curriculum and teach the content to CMS participants either in person or online. To ensure that each course has a team of instructors who are available to teach and develop content, the AMA is recruiting new instructors to augment its current faculty. The teams of instructors will work together to develop the new course content and redevelop existing content for online delivery, with input from the project consultant and the AMA to ensure alignment with the revised curriculum.

Serving as a CMS instructor helps to support the professionalization, best practices, and development of the next generation of the Alberta museum community. The AMA is able to offer the instructors a modest fee for service.

To be a CMS instructor, successful applicants must have a thorough understanding of best practice standards in the Standard Practices Handbook for Museums, 3rd Edition, and specific knowledge and experience in museum practice in one or more of the following areas:

  • Collections Management
  • Exhibits
  • Museum Governance
  • Museum Management
  • Museums and Society
  • Preventive Conservation
  • Programming
  • Reconciliation and Indigenous Knowledge
  • Research


If you are interested in supporting the AMA and the Alberta museum community as a CMS instructor, please complete the application form and submit it with your resumé to

The deadline for CMS instructor applications is Friday, January 14, 2022. 

This is an excellent way to become more involved with the AMA and with the greater Alberta museum community. If you have any questions about the CMS Review or would like more information on the CMS Program, please visit the CMS webpage or contact Meredith Leary, Program Lead, at or 780.424.2626.

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