Call for INFOrm Submissions

Fall 2019 INFOrm - Call for Submissions

The Fall 2019 issue of INFOrm will explore the experiences, challenges, and successes of museums at all stages of organizational life in their ongoing journey to sustainability.

Understanding the museum's activities, practice, and capabilities based on their stage of organizational life empowers them to build their capacity, plan for long-term growth, and thrive as leading contributors to the social, cultural, and educational fabric of Alberta. However, movement through the stages of organizational life is often nonlinear, and the path to sustainability can be marked by setbacks, frustrations, and failures as much as by successes.

The AMA invites submissions that address the unique challenges faced by museums of all sizes, at all stages of organizational life: Start-Up, Adolescent, Mature, Plateau, Renewal, and Closure (please see the AMA's Sustainability Working Group Recommendations Report for definitions).

Examples of topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Challenges and opportunities relating to opening, managing, renewing, or closing an institution;
  • Stories of successes and failures experienced at different stages of organizational life;
  • Effectively assessing the life stage an institution is currently operating in;
  • Managing transitions between life stages; and / or
  • Modelling best practices related to all facets of sustainability: financial, health and well-being, environmental, social, and cultural.


We welcome submissions that share what your institution has experienced and highlight the vital work being done by museums at all stages of organizational life to support the ability of the museum sector to be innovative, creative, and truly sustainable.

Submissions should range from 300 - 500 words and may include relevant links, photos, videos, or other multimedia. Please note that the AMA reserves the right to edit articles and photos.

The deadline for article submissions is Friday, October 25, 2019.


To submit an article, or for more information about INFOrm, please contact


INFOrm is the quarterly e-magazine of the Alberta Museums Association. It is a member-driven publication designed to share best practices, foster a sense of collaboration between Alberta museum professionals, and highlight the vital work that museums are doing to create more vibrant, engaged, and connected communities.

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