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Welcome to Museums @ the Mic, the podcast of the Alberta Museums Association!

This podcast began as a five-part series focusing on stories of disaster response and recovery, highlighting the resilience of museums in Alberta and beyond facing emergency situations.

In 2021, Museums @ the Mic will tie in with the AMA's 50th Anniversary Conference Series

Listen to the latest episode below: 

Episode Notes

Our November Event in the 2021 Conference Series is focused on the guiding pillar of Community, and in this episode we’re taking a closer look at some of the ways museums and heritage organizations are building those community connections.

First up, we have a conversation with Bob Weaver and Terry McGuire, two retired Parks Canada employees who now travel around Alberta and eastern BC to restore plaques and historic monuments. We connected with them over Zoom to talk about how this society came to be, and to hear some of their favourite stories about travelling to and maintaining these historical monuments.

In the second half of this episode, you’ll hear an excerpt from our keynote interview with Jess and Matt Turtle ahead of their presentation, “Trauma, Healing, and Justice: Museum Essentials for the 21st Century.”

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Original episodes of the Museums @ the Mic podcast were funded through the Museum Flood Funding Program. Find more information about Season 1, the Museum Flood Funding Program, and additional resources in our Emergency Preparedness section.

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