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Welcome to Museums @ the Mic, the podcast of the Alberta Museums Association!

This podcast began as a five-part series focussing on stories of disaster response and recovery, highlighting the resilience of museums in Alberta and beyond facing emergency situations.

In 2021, Museums @ the Mic will tie in with the AMA's 50th Anniversary Conference Series

Listen to the latest episode below: 

Episode Notes

In this episode, we take a look at our June Conference Event. We talk about proposing and reviewing sessions with Brittany Cherweniuk and Jill Horbay, members of the 2021 Program Committee, before learning about tie-in content with Nicole Balsdon from the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. There's also another Roundtable clip in this episode! This time, Meaghan Patterson, Executive Director / CEO of the AMA, talks with three former Executive Directors about the future of the organization (you'll hear the familiar voices of Adriana Davies, Gerry Osmond, and Alexandra Hatcher in that clip). The full conversation will be released as a bonus episode later this summer, and listen through the episode to learn of another special bonus episode coming soon! We receive a special anniversary message from a special keynote guest before hearing about how Nancy Nickolson's personal interest in old skills turned into a social media sensation for the Royal Alberta Museum during lockdown.

If you want to learn more about our Conference, including registering for our June, September, or November events and viewing our interactive June event program, click here! You can also find other ways to get involved with our 50th Anniversary Conference Series, including our ongoing Call for Proposals and information about our June keynote speaker, Lonnie G. Bunch III, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

From this Episode:

Visit the Beaty Biodiversity Museum's Researchers Revealed exhibit. Nicole can be reached at Nicole also mentioned the Beaty Biodiversity Museum working with the Musqueam people, on whose traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory the museum is located, and you can learn more about this project here.

View some of the videos Nancy Nickolson created for the Royal Alberta Museum's social media platforms. Watch "How to Fold a Fitted Sheet," "How to Sew a Button", and "How to Sew a Mask on an Antique Sewing Machine."


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Original episodes of the Museums @ the Mic podcast were funded through the Museum Flood Funding Program. Find more information about Season 1, the Museum Flood Funding Program, and additional resources in our Emergency Preparedness section.

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