2:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Effective Strategies for Appealing to a Diverse Group of Donors

Rochelle Greaves, Co-Founder, and Roxanne Tackie, Co-Founder, Story Point Consulting


About the Session

In today's climate, with many non-profit organizations competing for funding among the same granters, corporations, and donors, it is more important than ever for board members and staff to implement strategies that appeal to prospective donors of various cultures, ethnicities, religions, genders, and ages. Yet, many basic fundraising practices that have been accepted as standard are not necessarily effective at speaking to a diverse set of prospective donors. While diverse donors have not always been considered as major contributors to an organization's fundraising efforts, these attitudes must shift to allow organizations to create sustainable fundraising plans well into the future.

Challenging various standard practices, the presenters will discuss how your board and staff can navigate the changing demographic and appeal to a broader set of community members with diverse competencies and life experiences. The session will include practical approaches and activities your organization can implement immediately to cultivate and maintain these relationships.

Questions to Consider

  • Can your board draw on a range of diverse experiences to properly assess future challenges?
  • Has your organization made diversity a priority?
  • Does your messaging and storytelling include inclusive language?


About the Speakers


Rochelle Greaves
she / her

Rochelle has worked for over a decade as an analytics professional. She spent the majority of her career working for major financial institutions in Toronto where she used her knowledge to measure key metrics and trends. With a BA in Mathematics from York University in Ontario, she has excellent knowledge of statistical packages and analytics tools. Currently, as the co-founder of Story Point Consulting, Rochelle continues to use her skills to provide coaching and training for non-profit staff and volunteers. She also consults with organizations helping them use their data to improve efficiency, reporting, and strategic decision making.



Roxanne Tackie
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Roxanne has over a decade of experience in the non-profit sector. As a former Executive Director, Roxanne's role as a non-profit professional has included identifying prospects, grant and proposal writing, developing and implementing stewardship plans, and creating impact reports for donors. Roxanne currently provides coaching and training for non-profit staff and volunteers, and consulting services aimed at increasing fundraising capacity for organizations. The best part of Roxanne's work is learning about the diverse organizations within the non-profit sector, and using her skills to help people develop genuine and long-term relationships with their donors.





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