Grants Program Updates

In 2015, the Alberta Museums Association (AMA) announced changes to the Grants Program designed to encourage sustainable practice and ensure alignment with the AMA Strategic Framework. Based on user feedback over the past twenty-four months, the AMA has made some minor adjustments to the Grants Program forms, guidelines, and application process.

The following are highlights of the changes that will be in effect as of September 2017:

  • Application forms can now be filled out and submitted directly on the AMA website. Progress in the online forms cannot be saved, and it is strongly recommended you complete your responses in a separate document and paste the responses into the application form. To aid in this process, the questions for each grant application are available in a separate PDF document. Updated forms are available on the AMA website at
  • Separate application forms have been created for partnership projects to help encourage collaborations for both the Operational Staffing and Institutional Grants. Partnership application forms have space for both partners to fill in their required information and the forms have a higher word count in the narrative to allow space for both partners to better articulate the need and impact of the project or staff member(s) at their respective institutions.
  • Professional Development Grants ceilings have changed. Individual applicants may apply for up to 70%, to a maximum of $2,500, of eligible costs within the Formal Learning and Informal Learning Areas. Institutional applicants may apply for up to 70%, to a maximum of $5,000, of eligible costs within the Formal Learning and Informal Learning Areas. In order to access the $5,000 maximum, applications must support the professional development initiatives of two or more employees or volunteers. If applying to support the professional development of one employee, a $2,500 maximum applies.
  • For Professional Development Grants, receipts are no longer required for per diem expenses (private car mileage, meals, and private accommodations). However, expenses that have not actually been incurred (i.e. if there are meals covered as part of a conference cost) cannot be claimed in the per diem allowance totals.


Grant evaluation forms are still available for download from as fillable PDFs and are to be submitted via email, along with any attachments, to

The Grants Program is evaluated on a continuous basis and feedback from members and applicants is strongly encouraged. This feedback is vital to ensure that the Grants Program continues to best reflect the needs of the membership and support museums at all stages of organizational life.

For more information on updates to the Grants Program, please contact the Grants Program Lead at or 780.424.2626 x. 241.

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