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The Alberta Museums Association (AMA) is pleased to announce the launch of its newly revised Certificate in Museum Studies (CMS) Program. 

The AMA has been working with a consultant to conduct a multi-year review of the CMS Program and Professional Development in the museum sector. This review included a member survey and stakeholder consultations with CMS participants, graduates, and instructors, along with other Museum Studies programs across the country and across the sector. This review aligns the CMS curriculum to the Standard Practices Handbook, 3rd Ed, the AMA's Sustainability Working Group Report, and trends within the museum sector.

What will change?         
The format of the CMS Program will mostly remain the same. The courses are aligned to the sections of the Standard Practices Handbook, 3rd Ed, drawing on industry trends and the knowledge of leaders in the sector.

The largest change impacts the Museums and Society course, which was previously intended as an introduction to the Program. Museums and Society will now become a capstone course within the Program, drawing on information, knowledge, and experience gained by participants throughout the Program, and applying that knowledge to bigger trends in the sector, such as sustainability, social responsibility, community engagement, and environmental justice.

New participants will now be required to apply to the Program for a fee of $95 for members / $120 for nonmembers. This enrollment fee includes a copy of the Standard Practices Handbook, 3rd Ed, and an introductory webinar. This webinar outlines the expectations and requirements of the Program as well as introduces concepts such as the role of museums in society and museums and public trust. All Program participants must own a copy of the Standard Practices Handbook, 3rd Ed, as it is the primary textbook for all courses. 

The Introductory Webinar will be available online in March 2018.

I'm a current CMS Participant. How do changes to the Program affect me?
Participants who have already received credit for Museums and Society can continue to take the Program as usual, with the option of enrolling in the new Museums and Society Capstone Course as it becomes available.

Participants who have not already received credit for Museums and Society are required to apply to the Program and take the webinar with all new students.

For information about the CMS Program, please contact Jessica Montgomery, Program Lead, at


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