Recognized Museum Program

The Recognized Museum Program is evolving.

A revised Recognized Museum Program (RMP) will launch in January 2019. And while the Program remains standards based, the application process has received some much needed T.L.C and changed for the better.

There is now a condensed Application Form, a fast-tracked Reapplication process for existing Recognized Museums and an Institutional Profile. Existing Recognized Museums can also now choose to apply to become a Recognized Museum Leader.

The Alberta Museums Association (AMA) embarked on a two-year journey to give the RMP a robust, in-depth and relentless review. This was no small feat. We hired a consultant to provide independent feedback and analysis of the current iteration of the Program, and recommendations on how to improve it. We held consultations and program testing with members throughout the province, and researched other accreditation programs throughout the world. We looked at where the current Program succeeds, areas where it can be improved, and tactics to increase and ensure accessibility and usability.

Here are the key changes to RMP:

Your Application begins with an Institutional Profile 

All institutions will be required to complete an Institutional Profile before submitting their application. This will help the Review Panel better understand your museum, how ready you are to embark on your RMP journey, and areas where the AMA can provide Advisory Services to support your institution.

Less evidence is required

The new Program is now focused around fifteen pieces of evidence, down from the previous twenty.

If you are currently a Recognized Museum, you can use the fast-tracked reapplication route

The Reapplication focusses on ten core pieces of evidence, which demonstrate your institution is maintaining best practice standards.

Currently Recognized Museums can continue their RMP journey, by applying to become a Recognized Museum Leader

Recognized Museums who wish to embrace an additional challenge are eligible to submit a Leader Reapplication. The Leader Reapplication consists of eight additional pieces of evidence, which demonstrate leadership in Alberta's museum sector. Your Leader status can be held for eight years, instead of the standard five.

RMP is now 100% digital

Your entire application process is completed online. This change means a greener, streamlined process and less time at the photocopier.


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RMP Required Evidence Chart 2019

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